Stroke of Luck

It certainly wasn’t part of the plan, when on Monday 9th July Johnny Kirk and Gert Hulevad from Ishøj, Denmark docked at Aabenraa.

“Port of destination” was to be the Bay of Biscay, Southern France. However, assisted by the wife on the sideline a resolute decision was made, and course set for Aabenraa. Saturday evening a thunderstorm came up around Gedser where Johnny and Gert were with their Bavaria 42 Cruiser. A... Continue Reading

Aalregatta 2014

A genuine cruiser goes racing - and wins the race

Thomas Nielsen from Yachtsport Eckernförde took part in the Aalregatta from Kiel to Eckernförde in his Saare 41ac, which is a genuine cruiser. Nevertheless he came in as number 7 out of 131 participants and within the “yardstick mit Spi” and over all he won the race. The only yachts... Continue Reading