A brave single-hand sailor report

Markus Moser and his Luffe 45

On my trip from Richards Bay (South Africa) to Turkey via the Suez channel, we are now on day 26, crossing the Gulf of Aden.

After 16 days of upwind sailing, equivalent to around 2400 nautical miles, since south of the Comoros Islands, this leg is a relief. The problem with upwind sailing is never the wind. The problems are the waves, the heel, the noise and the missing ventilation downstairs. It´s hot and humid, sleeping is a pain. Thanks god, Lifgun is a good upwind sailor with good angels, good speed and good sails. Depending on the wind and the waves we were using a full main and the Genoa for the last couple of days. Downwind an empty coke bottle makes way, but upwind the story is complete different. The rig and the sails are crucial, the ability to reduce the pressure and the heel is key.

15000 miles and sails still in good shape

Lifgun’s Elvstrøm sails are now up for more than 15000 miles - and still in good shape. And very important ‑they are looking cool - which on a Luffe 45 is very important. The highlight was until the Comoros with the Blue Water Runner (BWR) a double layer butterfly sail which can be used for downwind and reaching courses. I was using it until 85 degrees TWA. And the fact that I can furl the whole thing is for single-handed or short-handed crews awesome.

The BWR is worth every penny

Right now we are cruising down the Gulf of Aden with a force 4 from 162 TWA and the BWR in the butterfly configuration, awesome. The sail works best with the spinnaker boom and I kept the main up, it took some test to figure out how to get the best performance out of the BWR, but now I am very satisfied! The next few days the BWR will probably be up and give us a smooth ride.


Check www.lifgun.com for more interesting stories on this brave adventure. And thank you for sharing Markus.
Fair winds from Team Elvstrøm.