Elvstrøm Sails Furlstrøm

Elvstrøm Sails Furlstrøm

Furlstrøm is probably the most easy to handle downwind sail you will ever find. The hoisting, unfurling and furling is made extremely easy due to the built in cabling in the luff. The sail was made to add some power to the boat when sailing at angles when the jib is no longer helping the performance much. You would use it in lighter conditions at angles from 70° TWA. With medium breeze you can sail as deep as 140° TWA with the sail.
Comment by Jesper Bank


  • Material: Nylon
  • Layout: Trioptimal
  • TWA: 70-140°
  • TWS: 5-25 kn
  • Elvstrøm Sails Furlstrøm

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