Elvstrøm Sails 05

Elvstrøm Sails 05 Elvstrøm Sails 05

A very durable membrane sail with fantastic all-round characteristics which has become a huge success and is chosen by many offshore sailors. Outside layer of reinforcement taffeta on both sides. Available in various colours and thicknesses.


  • Layout: EPEX
  • Membrane: Double Tafetta
  • Yarns: Vectran/Technora
  • Performance: 8,0
  • Durability: 8,0
  • Price: 8,0


  • EPEX


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  • Taffeta


    Technically, Taffetas are all types of fine, light woven fabric (for example silk). Taffeta for sail production are tight woven polyester as layer on laminates for better resistance against UV, tear, flex and chafe.

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  • Vectran®


    Vectran® is based on polyester with aramid type molecular structure to combine the pros of both materials. Vectran® is a quasi-polyester. Colour is gold.

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  • Technora Black

    Technora Black

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