Race Preperation, J109

Sailing for David McGough is a family affair. J109 owner and skipper David McGough explains the essentials behind a successful, ongoing and enjoyable racing campaign. David McGough has just completed his10th year campaigning the J109 Just So, which he bought in March 2007. 

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Downwind with BWR

The innovative Elvstrøm Sails ‘Blue Water Runner’ is truly ground breaking. It performs the role of three sails in one.

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ARC 2017 Bluewater 50

Elvstrøm gennaker powers Zao across the Atlantic. John and Caroline Charnley’s beautiful Discovery Bluewater 50 catamaran, has recently arrived in St Lucia, under the command of Distant Shores TV sailing adventurers Sheryl and Paul Shard.

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Downwind with fun

Have you ever been floundering dead downwind, the jib flapping? The kids are playing with their phones and your ETA to ‘sundowners’ seems a long time away?

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EPEX GLP power

Fantastic news in from David McGough and the J109 team on Just So. "We won Class 4 of the first JOG inshore series, with a huge entry overall and a large number of Class 4 starters. The first part of the race was almost no wind and then it came in at 20 to 24 knots. Beating from the forts to the finish was crucial to the win.

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Sigma 38 Nationals 2016

We aim to please....and we love great feedback! "On behalf of the Sigma 38 Class Association please can I thank you for the very generous prizes Elvstrom donated."

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