Elvstrøm Sails 2A asym. spiler

Elvstrøm Sails 2A Gennaker

The A2 is your full size running gennaker. It has max girths and a large head-angle. It is the largest and most powerful sail in your inventory. It is still made of a light material which gives the sail a wide range for its use. TWA from 130- 165° at 10/11 –20 knots TWS. The geometry and design of this sail will allow you to sail close to the same angles as you would with a symmetric sail.
Size factor: 100%
Comment by Jesper Bank


  • Layout: Trioptimal
  • TWA: 130-165°
  • TWS: 10-20 kn
  • Elvstrøm Sails 2A Gennaker