Elvstrøm Sails 3A asym. spiler

Elvstrøm Sails 3A Gennaker

The A3 is your reaching sail. It is a sail made in stronger material. It is intended for angles between 100-135° TWA when the pressure is up between 10-18 TWS. The size of the sail is greatly reduced from the A2 to allow the sail to be sheeted on for the tight angles without having return in the mainsail. One can argue that the A3 would be a possible alternative to the Code 0 in cases, where you do not want to take the hit on the rating using a Code 0.
Size factor: 85% of A2
Comment by Jesper Bank


  • Layout: Trioptimal
  • TWA: 100-135°
  • TWS: 10-18 kn
  • Elvstrøm Sails 3A Gennaker