Elvstrøm Sails 3S sym. spiler

Elvstrøm Sails 3S Spinnaker

The S3 is your easy air reaching sail. Here you have a strongly built spinnaker with big size corner reinforcements to take up the loads generated by the high reaching angles in stronger breeze. The sail is intended for angles between 110° TWA to 145° TWA in wind speeds between 15 knots-25 knots TWS. To make it perform well at these angles and wind speeds the girths are slightly smaller than on your full size runner. Also the head angle is slightly reduced to make the sail forgiving when you sail at high angles.
Size factor: 80% of S2
Comments by Jesper Bank


  • Layout: Trioptimal
  • TWA: 110-145°
  • TWS: 15-25 kn
  • Elvstrøm Sails 3S Spinnaker