Elvstrøm Sails 5A asym. spiler

Elvstrøm Sails 5A Gennaker

The A5 is your fractional sail. It is for use in gale force winds. It will give you more freedom in steering your boat in steep waves and it will keep the bow nicely out of the water because of the fractional halyard position. Your heaviest and smallest gennaker in your inventory. Because of the reduced size you can get to higher angles with this sail than with the full size sail. You will be able to use it from 125-160° TWA at 15-30 TWS.
Size factor: 70 % of A2
Comment by Jesper Bank


  • Layout: Trioptimal
  • TWA: 125-160°
  • TWS: 15-30 kn
  • Elvstrøm Sails 5A Gennaker