Elvstrøm Sails Furlstrøm XL

Layout: Trioptimal
Material: Nylon
True Wind Angle: 130-165°
True Wind Speed: 10-24 kn
Performance chart:
Product Image:

Furlstrøm XL ist ein Gennaker, der um ein loses Anti-Torsionskabel eingerollt wird. Er wird von oben nach unten eingerollt. Furlstrøm XL kann bei den gleichen Windwinkeln, wie ein Cruising Gennaker gefahren werden. Typisch bei Windwinkel von 130-165° TWA. Das Segel ist am Kopf schmaler geschnitten, damit es leichter und ohne Probleme eingerollt werden kann.
Jesper Bank


Cruising Geschichten

  • Pirates of happiness

    Pirates of happiness

    Babsi Holler and Eric Merten, a couple from Germany, has started out an interesting journey. Not just to live out their own dream, but also to inspire and motivate others to do the same.

  • EMS MAX In-Mast

    EMS MAX In-Mast

    Elvstrøm Mainsail System mit maximaler Achterlieksrundung.

    EMS Max ist eine Weiterentwicklung des EMS-Segels mit gerundetem Achterliek. Die senkrechten, durchgehenden Segellatten haben ein Carbontopp, die das Achterliek optimal abstützen, sowohl in voller Größe als auch gerefft. Die kurzen Zwischenlatten haben dieselbe Funktion.

    Das optimal Profil beim Reffen wird durch die langen, runden Segellatten erhalten.

    In DC Laminat und EPEX erhältlich.

    > Zum Sail Selector.

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  • Long-distance sail set-up

    Long-distance sail set-up

    There is a lot to take in to consideration when deciding what kind of sail set-up you should have on your boat for long-distance cruising.

  • 55,000 NM with our sails

    55,000 NM with our sails

    This summer 3,500 miles from Denmark, up the Norwegian coastline to the North Cape and back. Georg Noske from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bayern, Germany is not a Mr. average sailor.

  • Stroke of Luck

    Stroke of Luck

    It certainly wasn’t part of the plan, when on Monday 9th July Johnny Kirk and Gert Hulevad from Ishøj, Denmark docked at Aabenraa.

  • Aalregatta 2014

    Aalregatta 2014

    Thomas Nielsen from Yachtsport Eckernförde took part in the Aalregatta from Kiel to Eckernförde in his Saare 41ac, which is a genuine cruiser. Nevertheless he came in as number 7 out of 131 participants and within the “yardstick mit Spi” and over all he won the race.

  • Follow Niels Birkemose

    Follow Niels Birkemose

    Choosing sails can be a quite a question.

    What material should you choose, what shape and what look do you want. Do not let the price alone choose for you.

  • Like getting a new boat

    Like getting a new boat

    Like getting a new boat  

    This is how Jürgen Gideon, Niedersachsen, Germany speaks in favour of the FatFurl design:

  • Pursuing an idea

    Pursuing an idea

    Inspired by a book, Morten Friis and his family went sailing for a long time! 

  • Cruising with SWAN-38

    Cruising with SWAN-38

    Eight years ago Silke Löffler-Andrews from Eckernförde, Germany bought CARISSIMA, a SWAN-38, built in 1976. „The yacht is a beauty, it was love at first sight“, Silke tells.

  • Havana´s spiler

    Havana´s spiler

    Vi glæder os til at se Havana i 3. Sæson af Kurs mod Fjerne Kyster med spritny 178m2 spiler fra vores loft i Aabenraa. Eventyr, drømme, frihed, sammenhold er vist blot nogle af de ord, der tryllebinder et rekordstort antal danskere, når Kurs mod Fjerne Kyster ruller over skærmen i de danske stuer.

  • Circumnavigation


    In 2004 the Danish singlehand sailor Jan Moeller succeeded in being the first Scandinavian to circumnavigate the globe without stopping underway – a tough challenge for the man his equipment.

  • Living life to its fullest

    Living life to its fullest

    This story is about Dirk Mertens from Belgium. With a background in law and economics he is today a private investor at the age of 65, lives in Antwerp on a farm, breeding Grand Prix horses. But the real essence is a story about a man who seems to be living his life to the full – loving to sail!

  • Probesegeln Dufour

    Probesegeln Dufour

    Schönes Wochenende! Dufour 500 Grand Large mit:

  • Bavaria 46V with EPEX

    Bavaria 46V with EPEX

    The new EPEX GLP membrane for high performace cruising and clubracing has a greyish look and a soft and ruggy surface.