Sym Spinnaker

Spinnakers are offered in trioptimal cut.

Elvstrøm downwind sails are renowned for their stability and therefore speed and performance, allowing for the sail to be trimmed less frequently, and be much more forgiving. In racing terms this ease of use can be translated into straightline speed, and a tolerance to wind or directional changes - in the fast and lively boats of today, this becomes a very important factor in downwind speed.

The panel layout is an extremely important part of any downwind sail. As with upwind sails, the stresses and loads on the surface of the sail can be mapped out. The panels must be laid as carefully as possible to these stress lines, ensuring that changes in angles are kept to the minimum.

They are equipped with integrated reinforcements at clews and top, and are produced as S1, S3, S5, and S2, & S4 to cover the complete wind spectrum.

Available in Contender.

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Racing News

  • What lasts in life?

    What lasts in life?

    Learn from Pex what really matters in life.

  • Get what you deserve!

    Get what you deserve!

    Learn from Pex how to get sails the way you want.

  • Oyster Regatta Palma 14

    Oyster Regatta Palma 14

    At the annual Oyster Regatta in Palma, solid proof of evidence was delivered on the outstanding performance of our EPEX membrane sails.

  • A classic racer

    A classic racer

    Andreas Haubold and his crew has achieved impressive results.

  • Rolex Swan Cup 2014

    Rolex Swan Cup 2014

    Elvstrøm Powered SWAN 56 doing great. The Rolex Swan Cup 2014 is for the 18th time taking place off the Costa Smeralda coastline in Sardinia, with more than 100 Swans participating.

  • Club Swan 50, NiRaMo

    Club Swan 50, NiRaMo

    The cool innovative Club Swan one design, NiRaMo owned and helmed by Sönke Meier Sawatzki is powered by Elvstrøm Sails. We were there during the training for Copa Del Rey in Palma and did a photo shooting. Cool yacht and cool crew with remarkable sailing careers.

  • DM Scan-Kap 99, 2014

    DM Scan-Kap 99, 2014

    Danish Championship in Scan-Kap 99 class. Benny Bruhn and his crew on Provence won the Danish Championship 2014 for the Scan-Kap 99 class. An event that took place over two days with 10 intense races, at the waters around Dragør.

  • Danish Team Joki

    Danish Team Joki

    Headed by John and Kim (alias: JOKI) the team consists of 16 top enganged amateur sailors, 10 when off sailing. With the newly designed and built Italian Sly 43 the goal is clear. A top ranking at the ORC Worlds in 2016.

  • ORC Worlds, Kiel 2014

    ORC Worlds, Kiel 2014

    Norwegian Claus Landmark with his Santa, Landmark 43 started up extremely well, and for a long time looked to be the gold winner in class A. However he was beaten by an Italian proff team. That’s the game!