Elvstrøm Sails 08

Elvstrøm Sails 08 Elvstrøm Sails 08

A membrane with good stability and fair strength which is available in various surface films. Fibres are however sensitive to UV radiation. An alternative for sailors on „club level“ typically with boats up to around 40 feet.


  • Layout: EPEX
  • Membrane: Film on Film
  • Yarns: Aramid
  • Performance: 9,0
  • Durability: 2,5
  • Price: 7,6


  • EPEX


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  • Aramid-Kevlar®


    Kevlar® is stronger than steel – and lighter. 4 kinds: Type 29 better in flex than type 49. Type 49 50% better in stretch than 29. Twaron® is very similar to type 49. Technora® is between 29 and 49, is available in black and gold.

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