Elvstrøm Sails 12

Elvstrøm Sails 12

A good crosscut sail in high quality dacron (woven polyester) cloth. A perfect sail for cruising sailors, most important parameters being price and durability. Also used by few racing sailors (but then with hard tempered finish) where class rules do not allow laminate or membrane sails.


  • Layout: CROSSCUT
  • Material: Dacron AP
  • Production: Classic
  • Performance: 2,5
  • Durability: 9,0
  • Price: 5,1


  • Woven Polyester (Dacron)

    Woven Polyester (Dacron)

    Woven polyester fabrics are developed to a very high standard. Polyester is the most used sailcloth, known as Dacron, Tetoron, Terylene, Trevira and Diolen too.

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