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A step towards greener yachting - EKKO Option for X-Yachts X4⁹E

XYachts X49E

We are going greener, and so are X-Yachts. The Danish yard has just lifted the covers of a brand new model - the X4⁹E - and the very first one is powered by Elvstrøm Sails with an EKKO option.

Our roots are Danish - and so are they for our good friends and business partners from X-Yacths. Denmark is in many ways in the lead when it comes to sustainability, and we are proud to announce that the first X-Yacht with electric propulsion is powered by our EPEX sails with a recycled taffeta. And in fact, an Elvstrøm sail is not only powered by wind, but the energy used to produce the sail comes from Danish land wind turbines.

A first

The new X4⁹E is a yacht that takes the no-compromise X4⁹ to a new level when it comes to the propulsion. It is based on the existing X4⁹, but with a major difference: The E is the first X-Yacht to feature a fully electric drive, supplied by finnish Oceanvolt. And of course, when the X4⁹E is running on the wind, it's all powered by our EPEX sails with the EKKO option of a taffetaa from recycled material. Sails that are made with added sustainability as a clear goal.

Elvstrøm Sails on the new X-Yacht X4-9E

The first electric X-Yacht

Thus, the X4⁹E represents a step towards a greener way of yachting in a number of ways - being the very first electric X-Yacht. The 49 feet boat comes with two ServoProp SD10 engine pods, courtesy of Oceanvolt. The setup delivers a total of 20 kW, while it's all powered by a 28,8 kW LifePo4-battery pack.

Adding to the versitality, the whole setup also comes with a generator from Fischer Panda to aid with longer range if necessary. Another clever feature on the all-new X4⁹E is regeneration. When on the sails, the boat regenerates power from the rotating propellers - meaning that you can get up to 3,5 kW of power back when sailing at speeds of over eight knots. Or to put it in a different way, it would take around eight hours to get a free, full and totally green recharge.

The X4-9E is a new direction from danish yard X-Yachts. This is their first electric sailing boat

A new direction

X-Yachts has taken the first step towards offering a range of electric powered sailboats with the new X4⁹E, and the focus on a sustainable future is one we share at Elvstrøm Sails. We are proud to be close partners to our local neighbours from X-Yachts, and we can't wait to see what the future of electric yachting has to offer!