Elvstrøm Sails 12 meter Worlds Victory

The recent World Championship was the largest-ever gathering of 12 Metre yachts in the United States featuring more than two-dozen boats from seven countries.The World Championship was held in Newport, Rhode Island - a stunning sight.

And a huge success to the Danish Team Elvstrøm winning the Grand Prix Division !

"To us this was a fantastic event, a great success and a huge satisfaction to see that the sail design delivered and performed spot on. We haven´t had the opportunity to practice as a team on this very unique yacht, but the crew just clicked and the tactics worked – and most importantly the entire team demonstrated the ability to make yacht and sail perform to the best", Jesper Bank, tactician explains.

The sail wardrobe counted upwind EPEX sails, all black carbon plus downwind sails, A1, S1 and S2.

To Elvstrøm Sails this is certainly a great proof of solid sail design and construction.


Danish team Elvstrøm winning 12 Meter worlds