Marstrand Big Boat 2014

The Marstrand Big Boat regatta is an annual event proving to get more and more attention. As a fact the number of sailors taking part increases year by year and with bigger and bigger boats.

This year several boats with Elvstrøm Sails took part, and the winner of big class was one of them. Landmark 43, “White Shadow” owned by Torkjel Vallund and with among others Karl Otto Book from Elvstrøm Sails Norway on board was indeed a happy and crowned team, as they took off with the first place. Also we are proud to tell that William-Friis Møller from Elvstrøm Sails Denmark won the third place in the big class with his IMX40, Mandalay.

William Friis-Møller stresses;"This particular Marstrand race is very well organized and as a sailor you feel very welcome. A perfect combination of top-class racing and socializing, when back on shore. A race that I would definitely recommend to other sailors."

Sales Director, Espen Kamperhaug who was on board the Club Swan 42, “Lusso Lupa” says: “Our crew didn´t quite gain the results we had hoped for, but I am glad to see that we were very well represented in the winning team” and he winds up that looking at the faces it is fair to conclude that we have team of happy crowned sailors.

Winner of the big class, Landmark 43, “White Shadow” was equipped with a state-of-the-art Triple E Membrane sail produced with the EPEX technology from Elvstrøm Sails.

Photos: Dan Ljungsvik, 2014.