ZEN – living life afloat

In 2016, neither Andreas nor Caroline – better known on Instagram as @sailing_zen - had ever tried to own or sail a sailing boat. Yet, the appeal of living on and near the water became the factor that eventually moved the Copenhagen-based couple away from living in an actual apartment and soon called their boat “home”.

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Havana-spiler er sat for et godt formål

Ingen havde forventet det her udfald, da vi lavede en auktion til Boat Show Denmark i Fredericia i starten af 2023. Vi udloddede i samarbejde med holdet bag Havana og Kurs mod Fjerne Kyster den spiler, som vi lavede til Havana i TV2-programmet.

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3.000 Miles in Alaska: A cruise out of the ordinary

While the majority of our adventurous clients tend to head for warm weather and tropic climate in – for instance – the Caribbean, some go for the opposite. A good case in point is the story of the SV Eden, led by skipper Bernard Hensey, who’s looking back at 3.000 miles of Elvstrøm Sails-powered performance cruising to Alaska and back.

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