The big adventure: Covering 55.000 NM with our sails

This summer 3,500 miles from Denmark, up the Norwegian coastline to the North Cape and back. Georg Noske from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bayern, Germany is not a Mr. average sailor.

He and his wife, Ingeborg split a year in two halves, so to speak. Half a year sailing, half a year respectively planning – respectively working. Georg retired at an early age of only 51 from the German army, his wife Ingeborg is still working, but took a resolute decision of quitting her job at a bank to try the working life in Norway at a fish factory. As a fact the couple does have quite a different family constellation, but as Georg explains, it works. Ingeborg works in Norway from the beginning of January to the end of June. Then Georg picks her up and they go sailing together. 

A true cruiser

May the 1st 2014 Georg took off from Skærbæk in Denmark on his Woast-Scho, a Faurby 424 with a changing crew of friends. From Skagen and up along the Norwegian coastline, all the way to Hammersfest where he due to the weather had to turn around. Strong winds of 48 knots, snowstorm and 4 cm of new-fallen snow on the deck was even for Georg quite a challenge. So he continued single-handed back to Lofoten to pick up his wife in Stamsund and begin their summer adventure.

”I started sailing back in the 1970’es on lakes in Germany and in the Mediterranean, but for the last 15 years I’ve sailed in Norway. I think, I know the Norwegian coastline better than most Norwegians”, Georg says with a smile.

Culinary cruising

Other than sailing, cooking is a passion. For 2-3 months fish is on the menu every day. ”Our friends who come on board as a crew usually call it a culinary round-trip. We also collect mushrooms and berries. But it’s been a bit too dry up North this year, so our harvest hasn’t been as good as it usually is. The mushrooms we actually found in Denmark this year. During the summer I make our own jam on the boat from fresh berries, but this year I only got 10 glasses of out it.”, Georg explains.

Sailing is a lifestyle

Georg loves the outdoor life on board his boat. Even in harsh weather and strong winds. ”I used to go mountain skiing, and I am still active as a ski instructor. But the sailing is quite unique. You’re completely on your own, with no obligations and responsibilities to others. And especially in Norway, way up North you don’t meet a lot of other sailors. This spring we only met three other boats”, Georg tells. Ingeborg likes this way of living too, but now and then she likes a bit more civilization, ”so we go shopping a bit”, he explains.

End of this years adventure

End of August this year the adventure ended, but with lots of memories and photos of a great trip. Georg and Ingeborg stopped by Elvstrøm Sails in Aabenraa to get a sail fixed and at Elvstrøm Sails we hope the nice couple adds even more mileage to their 55,000 miles powered by our sails.

Georg Noske did 55.000 NM