New CEO at Elvstrøm Sails, Morten Gantriis Sørensen

Morten Gantriis Sørensen

As of 1 August 2021, Morten Gantriis Sørensen takes up the position as the new CEO of Elvstrøm Sails A/S. Morten has a broad profile with managerial, commercial, and technical experience. Most recently from a job as Regional Director of RGS Nordic A/S.

The principal shareholders of Elvstrøm Sails, Thomas Andersen – FAYARD and Preben Terp-Nielsen – ABENA are pleased to welcome Morten on board the Elvstrøm Sails Team. “Elvstrøm Sails has gone through a significant development throughout especially the last five years, and we very much look forward to continuing this development with Morten at the helm. We have looked for a broad profile and feel certain that Morten will be able to quickly grasp the culture of our business and the industry. And not the least develop our products and quality and nurse our brand value.”

Morten Gantriis Sørensen is 45 years, holds an engineer degree and has previous experience from among others HJHansen Recycling Industry Ltd. A/S, Fiberline Composites and Fibertex Nonwovens. On the sailing arena you will now and then find Morten as “pitman” on board a X-41.

Kristian Andersen, FAYARD; “Having had the opportunity to work hands-on at Elvstrøm Sails for a couple of years within business development has given me a good insight to the business and the industry. And I feel certain that Morten will be able to quickly adapt to the industry. At the end of the day our business is really about realizing sailors’ dreams – whether being the local club race, the Atlantic Crossing, the summer cruise or you name it. Throughout the COVID pandemic times we have been reminded just how important that valuable time on the water in the open air is, and our mission to help realize that is increasingly important. With our location close to the European market, a high-quality product and complete control of over the entire value chain we are well prepared for the future. And now with a new CEO in charge.”

Morten Gantriis Sørensen winds up; „I look very much forward to joining Europe’s biggest and legendary sail loft. Being part of a company that stands for quality, know-how and professionalism and a team that delivers world-class sails for any sailor fills me with excitement and I can´t wait to meet employees, customers and business partners.”