New sail - Wing Jib

The wing jib is a unique storm-jib developed for modern yachts with furling sails, to gain better control of our steering when the wind picks up. And the good thing is that you can prepare before going out!

Be prepared for heavier winds

With the wing jib you can be prepared for the windy situation where helming and trimming with your bigger headsail becomes difficult. The sail is two-plied and thus easily hoisted around the existing forestay. The clew corners of the
wing jib are placed much higher than on the traditional jib, which makes it a lot easier to trim the sail. Simply furl in your jib and hoist the wing jib, around the exsiting roller forestay.

The wing jib works as your storm jib, designed in a crosscut layout in a durable dacron material.  The sail is available in our Marin, Solano and Koonaa segment.

Kim Petersen from Elvstrøm Sails has tested the sail on several customer boats.

"The new wing jib is quite unique, specifically developed for the growing number of furling sails. I have tested the sail on serveral customer boats, e.g. X-Yachts X 4.3, X 4.6 and X4.9 and on the X C45, below. All with an impressive effect.
(PS: don´t worry it also works on other boats :-) The good thing is that you can actually prepare the sail before going out, and once the wind picks up you are ready to hoist. And it furls into a perfect shape quickly and effectively. 

 All the customers, whom I have tested the sail with, were thrilled."

The impact and effect is stunning!