New 2016 EPEX GLP

Stand out with our new EPEX GLP membrane. With our new EPEX GLP membrane you will stand out from the crowd. Proven and tested development has led to EPEX GLP - a combination of our unique technology and a new sailcloth material, Lite Skin.

The EPEX GLP is a membrane with double grey outside Lite Skin and the finished membrane has a greyish look and a soft and ruggy surface.

  • Lightweight sail with a high performance
  • Good wear resistance
  • Easy handling
  • Perfect for high end cruising and clubracing

If you want an even lighter EPEX GLP solution close to that of a pure racing sail, yet with a longer lifespan, we recommend you to go for our EPEX GLP Inside with a single white inside Lite Skin. Read more about the Lite Skin sail cloth material here.

Performance and appearance
- go hand in hand

The new EPEX GLP membranes offer all the outstanding features of our unique EPEX technology. We offer an extended warranty against delamination on our EPEX membrane sails.

Video demonstration

Check out our great videos demonstrating the unique benefits of the EPEX Technology here.


 ELV EPEX GLP 2015 01

GLP Sails 2015 greystripesEPEX GLP JEB troelslykke