Elvstrøm Sails on the new Allures 51.9

EPEX sails Allures 51.9

Elvstrøm Sails plays a vital part on the propulsion side of the new Allures 51.9 - the new top model from the french yachting firm, Allures. The third boat in the line has just left the french yard - running a full wardrobe from Elvstrøm Sails.

The next generation

With the new 51.9, Allures has updated the top-of-the-line model in the 50-55 feet class of sailing yachts - yachts that are designed with ocean cruising capabilities. The 51.9 can be configured with Elvstrøm Sails EPEX-sails and the new model fits right into this market with its strong solutions and trademarks off Allures such as the full aluminium hull, a twin rudder centreboard and more.

This makes for an ocean-going cruiser which is easily operated by a reduced crew size - this also applies for the choices on the deck layout as well as the large furling mainsail. All controls are focused towards the two steering wheels, while the new model also features a large cockpit at six metres plus a popular option in the shape of a rigid doghouse.

EPEX for cruising

This particular 51.9 is the third example off the line at Allures, and it is the second Elvstrøm Sails has delivered the sail wardrobe for. The 51.9 follows the predecessing Allures 51 and Allures 52 and it is the new market leading yacht in the class of 50 to 55 foot ocean-cruisers.

- With this project, we are entering business with the great team over at Allures. The 51.9 is a strong boat made for adventures, and we are there with our EPEX sails that are ready to prove that EPEX does not only have lots of strengths in racing, but also in the harsher and more adventurous weather conditions this boat is going to see. It has the EPEX EMS Main sail, which is a fantastic match making a cruising sail which also has all the right capabilities for high performance sailing, Hervé Tenaglia, Managing Director at Elvstrøm Sails France explains.