World Ocean Day - highlighting the battle for cleaner oceans

It's time for another turn of the calendar in the battle against sea plastics in our rivers and oceans! On June 8th, our good friends at ReSea Project mark another year in their constant effort for cleaner waterways and indeed plastic-free oceans.

The ReSea Project is well past cleaning 2.000.000 kg out of the world oceans, but there is much more to pick up, and the good cause needs more support. We at Elvstrøm Sails are happy to partner with ReSea Project, which we have done for numerous years, and the support continues.
Supporting the cause is also a part of our product programme - when buying our EKKO-labelled sails, you also support the ReSea Project, and the EKKO sails themselves are also manufactured almost entirely from recycled plastics.

Collecting sea plastics is at the core of the work ReSea Project does every day. So far, the organisation has collected over a two million kilos out of the oceans - plastics which has been turned in for recycling.

Get an insight into the world of Resea Project and the World Ocean Day here:

You can read more about the Denmark-based outfit here: