Copa Del Rey 2017

Provided by Axel Rodger from Elvstrøm Sails Spain. PS: this is the 19th time for Axel himself to take part in the Copa Del Rey! Swan 45 ¨Rats on Fire¨ ESP -9400 (behind Porron in photo) powered downwind by his brand new Elvstrøm sails S2 Spinnaker - won the ORC1 2017 2017 Copa del Rey.

Very close was also Swan 45 ¨PorronIX¨ ESp-10222 that finished second almost entirely powered by Elvstrøm sails. Porron had an impressive performance with light wind. Porron´s team was very pleased with the Epex Carbon/technora jib C1 shape that allowed them to sail fast and high - with an incredible speed. That helped to get a 1st, 2nd(by only one second) and 1st during the light wind day.

 Photos: credit Bernadi Bibiloni

Action from Copa del Rey 2017