Elvstrøm Sails at the X-Yachts Gold Cup 2019

X-Yachts Gold Cup 2019 was a celebration of 40 years of X-Yachting with racing on courses South of Årø, Little Belt and get-togethers and parties at the yard. A friendly regatta with a competitive touch of course - and this year with shifty heavy winds, rain and sun!

“We have been an X-Yacht supplier for many years now and with our proximity to the yard, what is more natural than to support this huge event. In addition to being an anniversary partner we were present with an Elvstrøm Service Team, and overnight service and repair on sails at our loft in Aabenraa”, Kim Petersen explains.  “And that certainly turned out to be a busy night. We managed to repair in the range of 20 sails with 6 sailmakers working into the late hours.

A close relation that proves its worth

Kræn Brinck Nielsen, CEO X-Yachts expresses his gratitude; “To X-Yachts this Gold Cup was very special and a huge event. And it all came together! We are very pleased with the entire execution, and the involvement from Elvstrøm Sails was indeed remarkable. With the changing weather forecast the Elvstrøm Service Team had a busier night than first anticipated. The entire Elvstrøm Team at the Gold Cup, including participating Elvstrøm sailors that had to skip the evening dinner to get started repairing sails right away, while the rest of us had a party. Six people worked the entire evening and most of the night and was on the spot to hand out sails at 8 AM the following morning. Meaning that X-Sailors having travelled from around the world could still be part of our regatta.”

The largest X-Yachts Gold Cup in history

The participating close to 120 boats were divided into two family classes and two sports classes as well as one class over 50-foot category. The regatta was the largest event in the history of the X-Yacht Gold Cup with 1000 sailors from all over the World. In addition to the Danish participants, sailors from e.g. Chile, Japan Finland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Sweden and Norway have joined the anniversary race.

Photos/Video: Frederik Sivertsen