ORC Worlds 2016 Race Report: Team Joki and the setup

Headed by John and Kim (alias: JOKI) the team consists of 16 top enganged amateur sailors, 10 when off sailing. With the newly designed and built Italian Sly 43 the goal is clear. A top ranking at the ORC Worlds in 2016.

Kim explains: ”Vi teamed up with Cantiere del Pardo, who builds the Sly boats and the boat designer Marco Lostuzzi. Elvstrøm Sails was invited in the process at a very early stage in the design phase where we used the knowledge of Jesper Bank and saildesigner Chris Keene Boye.

Valuable relations

Our initial contact with Elvstrøm Sail was with Jesper Bank back in 2010 at the ORC Worlds. Already at that point we got some good advice from Jesper for optimization of our sails.

A close cooperation built on mutual trust seems to be key. "To us that also means that the sail designer acts as a competent sparring partner throughout the entire process. It does not end with a delivery but implies 100 % involvement and presence. The support and back-up we´ve received is to us the best proof of a loyal and reliable partner, and that is what we´ve felt with Elvstrøm Sails," Kim winds up.

The choice of sails didn´t seem a big deal: " We knew it had to be EPEX sails, they have really proven their value in not delaminating."

Dialogue and cooperation is not only in the cooperation with the sail maker important. It seems to be what drives the team in their daily efforts where all have a certain role to play.

As of now 4 races are planned in the Spring 2015 and 3 in the Autumn 2015.

The dream is alive and kicking. Check out this video.

You can follow Team JoKi on Facebook or read more on their website. 


Racing Mainsail and Jibs:


Cruising Main and Furling Headsail:

Double Taffeta
DPI: 22.000