Passion and business....

.....goes hand in hand. has been started out by two passionate sailors offering two X-41 for race training, match racing, team building, cruising and education.

When Corinna Möhrlen and Jess Jørgensen – the people behind the project – contacted Elvstrøm Sails it was with an ambition to improve their two X-41´s with the newest sail technology optimized for maximum performance with crew sizes of around 10 persons.  

“There we no doubt in our minds where to seek for advice on this. We have trust in the knowledge of Elvstrøm Sails and the competencies of the team. Together with Elvstrøm Sails we evaluated the pros and cons and found that main and jibs should have maximum durability with a symmetric surface and all battens covered. This gives lower friction and a potentially higher efficiency if the boat is kept upright, which is the only way to gain performance from a large crew anyway.

We also found a clever way to improve reaching, ease of sailing and handling of the boat by choosing multiple codes. They are fast exchanged, save on the jib and allow for cruise and race with the same sails. The lifetime of the codes is a matter of discipline and for cruising they last long.

The codes complement the original X-41 design and we have reached a setup, which is more flexible and fun than if we would just have followed the original sail set-up of X-41”, Corinna Möhrlen and Jess Jørgensen.