Danish family on cruising trip to Caribbean

We are an ordinary Danish family, but with a lot of saltwater in the blood. Sara and Emil with age of 13 and 16 and my wife and myself.

We have played with the idea of taking time out of the calendar, spending time together and leaving the daily life behind us for a while. Basically, it did not have to be a on a boat, but with a lot of in-shore sailing and our kids doing high level Optimist and Laser sailing, a cruising trip could be a new experience for the family.

We decided for a X-Yacht, X4.3, which is a good mix of performance and cruise boat. For the sails, we needed help for the right choice. I previously raced with Elvstrøm Sails, with great satisfaction, in various keel boat classes, and it was obvious to contact Elvstøm Sails for advice. We decided that double Taffeta EPEX sails would have the durability and stability we needed for a cruise like this. We also decided on a code zero for light winds, but had some doubt about downwind sails – gennaker or a symmetric spinnaker? In the end we realized we had space for both – so why not bring both.

We left Denmark in the autumn 2018 and has since then enjoyed the Canary Islands, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and begun the big trip to Caribbean.

Kim Christensen

Fair winds to the Family from the entire Team Elvstrøm.


PS: this photo is definitely not from the Carribean ;-). But nice yacht and nice sails,though!

XYacht X4.3 cruising story