Downwind with fun

Have you ever been floundering dead downwind, the jib flapping? The kids are playing with their phones and your ETA to ‘sundowners’ seems a long time away?

An A-Sail is a Fun Sail

Asymmetrics = Active fun for all on board. And, it will re-energise your downwind performance.  A-Sails are easy to use and there’s no spinnaker pole. Everyone can get involved in hoisting, steering and trimming. They are very stable and the boat is unlikely to roll.

Your guide to choosing an A-Sail’

Safety first: For performance and excitement with safety, an A-Sail will do the trick. Crew confidence and enjoyment is important. So your choices on hoist method and sail stowage will depend on crew experience and personal preferences. A ‘Snuffer’ usually requires someone on the foredeck.  A Furling sail system, such as the a Top Down Furler, can often be operated just from the cockpit.

Size matters! Your cruising A-Sail should only be slightly smaller than a racing one. Check quoted sail areas.  Some Asymmetrics may look cheap but can be very small. That may be embarrassing on a light wind day, when you need it most.

Versatility: Your a-Sail should be able to sail between 60 and 160 Degrees wind angle. A great challenge for your crew is to see if you can sail almost dead downwind.

Fabrics:  With many different fabrics available making the right choice can seem confusing. Spinnaker Nylon is a very technical product. Lighter nylons are more difficult to weave and consequently more expensive. If your boat is less than 30’, beware of being 'up-graded' to a heavier 1.5oz.  It may seem better value, but it’s a heavy and difficult fabric to fly on a nice light day. And that’s exactly when you should be having family fun and enjoying the downwind thrill.
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