New Cable-free Code Zero

The EPEX cable-free Code Zero is a new outstanding sail where design and innovative material combinations have replaced the furling cable.

The cable-free design and optimized sail area permits sailing in a broader wind angle resulting in fewer sail changes and more speed down wind. Built and designed for the demanding high-end racer - and for the no-nonsense cruiser!

High Performance / Easy handling / Less storage

The Cable-free Code Zero is easy to handle and store. With the improved positive luff you gain wider sailing angles compared to a traditional Code Zero - and more power. And with no cable there is less risk damaging expensive hard ware. Ker 46, Lady Mariposa has tested the sail over a longer period and here is the feedback from Dan Hardy, Team Manager:

"The new Zero Cable Code Zero is a huge step forward for these furling sails, with the removal of the heavy cable in the luff the sail is free to project positively massively improving the flying shape of the sail. Initial concerns were that the sail would be difficult to furl but this is not the case in fact we are finding the new code zero much easier to furl and unfurl compared to our previous sail with cable."


Dan Hardy adds:
We are finding this a very versatile sail with a massive cross over in our downwind wardrobe, and the removal of the cable has only brought benefits not only in regards to flying shape but has also made the sail much easier to store in the bag and get on and off the foredeck as the furled sail can bend and be flaked much easier than with the cable. As a team we are hugely impressed with this innovation so much so we have now taken delivery of also a Fractional Cable Less zeros to complement the mast head version."


New Elvstrøm innovation - cable free code zero sails


Photo credit: Marcel Herrera