Elvstrøm power at the Offshore Worlds 2018

Team Santa wins for the second time the title World Champion, this time at the Offshore Sailings Worlds 2018. Followed closely by Team White Shadow. A huge congrats to both our Elvstrøm Sails ambassadors.

From 12 – 20 July 2018, the Offshore Sailing World Championship was held in The Hague with 150 racing teams. This year the 2 leading handicap systems IRC & ORC  joined forces in 1 combined World Championship Offshore Sailing. And we are excited at Elvstrøm Sails to see these 2 teams on the podium!

Team Santa                                                                                                                                    

Lars Landmark, Petter Hagelund, Claus Landmark, Espen Guttormsen, Cathrine Andersen, Maren Magda Book, Vegard Guttormsen, Calle Andersen, Morten Christensen, Roger Nilson, Sverre Tangerud,

 Team Santa at Offshore Worlds '18


Skipper, Claus Landmark from Santa:

I am of course excited about our victory at the Worlds. This is our second title as World Champions and that makes me proud. The most important factor in a victory like this is the crew. I am very focused on finding the right team members. I honestly prefer a good team player over a sailing rock star if he/she doesn´t fit in. Group dynamics are essential and then we try to live on one single rule; only say positive things to each other. And it works! Another important ingredient is preparation and practice. We have optimized the boat to the ORC rules, we have put in hours of grit wet sanding and machine polish, we have installed a new rudder and upgraded our sail wardrobe with 5 brand new Elvstrøm sails. So everything worked like a Swiss watch.           

Team White Shadow

Stein Åge Blakstad, Paul Ringheim, Håkon Sandvold, Aage Hedegaard Larsen, Stian Østlund, Karl-Otto Book, Eirik Rosenberg, Knut Einar Lie Wasbrekke and at the podium above, skipper Torkjel Valland. Thomas Kjennerud missing on the photo.

 Team White Shadow at Offshore Worlds '18


Skipper, Torkjel Valland from White Shadow:

We are very satisfied with our overall performance and results in this year's Worlds. Reaching the podium and winning the silver medal is a great achievement for us. Throughout the entire week we felt that we were sailing strong and consistent just like in Marstrand earlier this season where we took first place. We had a difficult first day of the inshore races, however with a follow-up series of 1-1-1-3 during the next two days we climbed quickly back towards the top of the scoring board keeping the possibility for an ultimate overall result alive all the way towards the final days of racing. We are also very happy with our new Elvstrøm sails that clearly put us in a position to be able to deliver top results in all conditions. It is truly rewarding to experience the degree of detailing and build quality that goes into each and every sail in combination with a winning design. A big thanks goes to everyone on the Elvstrøm loft in Denmark and of course to our great support team at Elvstrøm Norway for many years. 

And to all of you, a huge congrats from Team Elvstrøm Sails! We are thrilled!