3.000 Miles in Alaska: A cruise out of the ordinary

While the majority of our adventurous clients tend to head for warm weather and tropic climate in – for instance – the Caribbean, some go for the opposite. A good case in point is the story of the SV Eden, led by skipper Bernard Hensey, who’s looking back at 3.000 miles of Elvstrøm Sails-powered performance cruising to Alaska and back.

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Feels like a life accomplishment

Roland Jarlgaard returned to his home in Denmark on the 20th of March just as the corona outbreak started closing flight traffic. But with 8 months of crossing the Atlantic and sailing the Caribbean’s, having to stay home doesn´t seem to upset Roland. On the contrary, it leaves time for reflection and of course time for planning how to bring back the X4.3 Xplorer !

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A refreshing breeze from the world out there

We always love the feedback we get from customers. And in these lock-down times this one from Birgitta and Eric was such a refreshing reminder of the colourful world out there. Enjoy the great snapshots from the couple on their circumnavigation.

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