Season 2021 campaign & discount

Now is a good time to treat yourself with new sails. Our seasonal campaign kicks off in Northern Europe with a 15 % discount on new Elvstrøm sails in July and August. And that is not all!

We top the discount with an extra benefit. When you buy a set of sails, that is a main and headsail for your boat, you can benefit from either free UV protection for your headsail or a free ZipPack or boomcover for your mainsail.
What is not to like!

Since season vary from region to region, continent to continent, please do check with your local Elvstrøm SailPiont to find out when the season discount kicks off in your region.

New sails?

Our custom-designed sails come in many qualities. Do you want to go all black like these beautiful sails below, do you want to stay white and classy, or do you want to take on the latest more sustainable choices?
We offer you a full range of qualities for whatever adventure you are embarking.


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Sustainable choices

Ask for the EKKO option at your local Elvstrøm SailPoint.

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