The 2nd biggest sail maker in the world reaches out to the Australian sailors. Being highly represented in Europe, emerging in the US, Australia is a natural next step to the well-established sail maker growing their international presence at a high pace.

CEO of Elvstrøm Sails, Niels Bjerregaard puts it like this; “With the fifth longest coastline in the world, a significant sailing tradition and quite some iconic regattas such as e.g. the Sydney to Hobart Race, Australia most certainly stands out as an interesting sailing nation to us.”

Legendary sail design and production

For over 60 years Elvstrøm Sails has developed a unique expertise driven by the experience of high performing sailors and sail designers, and the legendary founder, Paul Elvstrøm. Paul Elvstrøm retired from Olympic sailing more than 20 years ago after the Olympic Games in 1988 but has ever after remained one of the most successful sailors in Olympic history ever and one of the world's greatest sports personalities. “We truly realized his huge impact on the entire sailing world, when he passed away on December 7th, 2016. His eye to detail remains intact in our company and is a backbone in our culture”, Niels Bjerregaard continues. The passion lives on at the Headquarters in Denmark, a loft that houses qualified sail makers and sail designers with a passion for sailing. In an interview with Olympic medalist and America´s cup skipper, Jesper Bank who is head of the company’s R&D shares his thoughts and experiences about sailing.

Leading edge technology

Innovation has always been a driving force at Elvstrøm Sails. Paul Elvstrøm´ s reputation was built on his ability as an innovator – and today the R&D department is still setting standards for sail making. With the patented EPEX membrane technology the company has a leading edge in the production of high quality membrane sails for racing as well as cruising. “Our membrane sails are processed in one workflow from design to finished membrane, using advanced technology, delivering an outstanding shape and performance. We experience a significant growth in these types of sails, within both the performance cruising and racing segment. And now is the time to offer the Australian sailors this unique product”.
Elvstrøm Sails has started up with the first dealer in the Perth area, but expects to grow the presence in near future.

Elvstrøm Sails Perth

Mark Robins is an acclaimed yachtsman at national level and the local Elvstrøm Sails representative in the Perth region and Western Australia. Mark has many years of sail making experience. From the base in Mandurah WA, Mark operates Silver Sands Sails & Marine and can cater for the small sailing dinghy through to cruising or racing yacht sails.