K8 Sports - easy to use

SRW Wing innovation - gets lighter & affordable. December's Seahorse magazine features an article on Nicolas Goldenberg's semi-rigid wing development.  No longer just the prerogative of AC cata, wings look to be the shape of things to come! 

The K8 is probably the first modern production monohull that has been purposed deisgned for a semi rigid wing rig. The patented system is based around an areodynamically designed mast section.

The mast rotates and is fitted with twin sail tracks, that support two standard sail membranes.  The two mainsail membranes are hoisted using one halyard that splits to attach to the two headboards.  This allows the sail to be easily hoisted, dropped or reefed.  The rotation of the mast and use of the outhaul controls and induces wing camber to create a wide range to section shapes. 

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