New greener sail

We are launching a new material for cruising sails, that is a greener alternative. It is not the first time we launch materials that are more eco-friendly. Already a year ago the first recycled components for the EPEX membrane sails were launched. Now we offer a laminate.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer yet another EKKO option, the XRP cruise laminate”. Flemming Christensen, product development manager of Elvstrøm Sails has been working for quite some time to get the right spec in place, in close cooperation with the cloth manufacturer. “The test we have made on a Dehler 38SQ in cooperation with our German colleagues were very persuasive. The material is used for trioptimal layouts and in our testing, it proved to be very form stable.”

Recycled material

XRP Cruise is a high-end laminate, where the main parts of the material are made from recycled polyester, that is the film, the taffeta, and the polyester fibers. The combination of black polyester fibers and white taffeta makes up for a greyish look. The XRP cruise comes in 3 qualities where the heaviest is further stabilized with UPE virgin fibers.

Competitive alternative

Elvstrøm Sails has a range of other high-end polyester laminates in the portfolio today but with the new addition they are now able to offer the cruising customer an eco-friendlier choice, at even at the same price level as comparable laminates. “We hope that the fact, that you do not really have to consider the price issue on this one, will make the decision to go for the more sustainable version very easy”, Flemming Christensen explains.

Available soon

The material will be in stock mid-August 2021.

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