New cable-free Code Zero

Check out this video of our new cable-free Code Zero. Designed in a code zero laminate with a high density fiber luff, in epex. The Cable-free Code Zero is easy to handle and store. With the improved positive luff, you gain wider sailing angles compared to a traditional Code Zero - and more power.

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New sail - Wing Jib

New sail - wing jib - for heavier winds

The wing jib is a unique storm-jib developed for modern yachts with furling sails, to gain better control of our steering when the wind picks up. And the good thing is that you can prepare before going out!

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New material: EPEX soft

EPEX Soft is a new EPEX membrane with no film. To compensate for the strength that the film adds, the fiber layout is adjusted accordingly. The new membrane is soft, easy to pack and handle. Thus, especially suitable for cruising sails.

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