She is a lady!

A really good-looking high-performing one of a kind. Well, she is actually a Ker 46. With a full and complete set of inshore as well as offshore set of racing sails from Elvstrøm Sails – EPEX of course!

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Climbing up the ladder

Sönke Meier-Sawatzki from Germany seems to be the kind of person who loves progress and constant development and improvement. Today he is at what he calls 30% of the potential with his X-50 and his crew – determined to do better and better, ending up beating the competitors.

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FatFurl wins Tjorn Rundt

Elvstrøm FatFurl sail

In the past furling sails were looked upon as only suitable for cruising. This view for sure must change, after the new Hallberg-Rassy 412 wins the Swedish yacht race Tjörn Rundt - equipped with the latest in furling mains: The EPEX FatFurl.

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It´s a kind of magic ?

Can you hear the music behind the words? Though Aasmund Droslum from Norway, the owner and helmsman of Team Magic, a King 40, seems to be quite a modest and down-to-earth person, this is no less the song that get´s Team Magic going on every race.

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Transat Jacques Vabre

Transat Jacques Vabre 2013 from Le Havre to Itajai (Brasil), November 2013, 3 Weeks, average over 11kts with a full set of Elvstrøm Sails: EPEX Platinum main and Solent, EPEX film Pentex staysail, A2, A5 gennaker and 2 EPEX Code 0 for different wind angles.

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Am 29. August 2015 startete die 33. Peter Gast Schifffahrtsregatta. Was als private Wettfahrt einiger Schifffahrtskaufleute begann, entwickelte sich im Laufe der Jahre zu dem  „Treff der maritimen Branche“.

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