Feels like a life accomplishment

Roland Jarlgaard returned to his home in Denmark on the 20th of March just as the corona outbreak started closing flight traffic. But with 8 months of crossing the Atlantic and sailing the Caribbean’s, having to stay home doesn´t seem to upset Roland. On the contrary, it leaves time for reflection and of course time for planning how to bring back the X4.3 Xplorer !

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A refreshing breeze from the world out there

We always love the feedback we get from customers. And in these lock-down times this one from Birgitta and Eric was such a refreshing reminder of the colourful world out there. Enjoy the great snapshots from the couple on their circumnavigation.

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Young and determined

At the age of 16, Danish Jannick Siebert announced that he would do a circumnavigation after graduating from Gymnasium (High School). Now he is half way around in his Bavaria 47. Jannick is now 22 years and must be one of the youngest skippers out there to do so! Courageous and curios and determined to pursue a dream! 

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