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Testing the Blue Water Runner


So we took it out in 20 knots and hit 9.2 knots boat speed with the Blue Water Runner downwind - just in Southampton Water. Then we took her out in 8 - 12 knots and were consistently getting 6 - 7 knots. And we overtook the Sunsail fleet!


Elvstrom Sails Blue Water Runner downwindOur tests showed just how easy it is to handle the sail. You can simply unfurl and peel both sails apart to goosewing downwind. No pole needed for the lighter airs. And you can use the end of the boom fitting to run the windward sheet through if you feel the need to pole one wing out. Changing mode is easy too. Furl the sail back up to close both wings together, then simply unfurl onto one side to set off on a broad reach - using the sail as Yankee. Or in light airs sail higher and use the sail as a Code 0.

We certainly impressed our guest on board, Mike Wallis a J122 owner an experienced racing skipper who also cruises with the family.

Mike came away saying; "With the mainsail fully furled, and at points of sailing up to 30° on either side of dead downwind, we were able to achieve speeds probably in excess of conventional goosewinging, and with the concern of an accidental mainsail gybe removed, in a very safe and relaxed manner. Changing to higher broad to beam reach sailing angles could be achieved in under 30 seconds by furling the two jibs together to allow the Velcro to attach the two clews, and then unfurling both on one side only. Overall, a simple, safe and worry free alternative for downwind sailing."

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Elvstrom Sails Blue Water Runner reaching mode Elvstrom Sails Blue Water Runner downwind Elvstrom Sails Blue Water Runner furled
Yankee mode - broad reaching Downwind - goosewinging Fully furled ready to deploy




UK Loft

Elvstrøm Sails UK heads up the UK operation for Elvstrøm Sails A/S in Denmark. From our Hamble base, Elvstrøm Sails UK sell and service the wide range of sails and accessories, and is supported by our growing network of UK Agents.

Our highly skilled team will be pleased to help you with any questions you might have regarding your sails, whether you have bought them direct from us, or if they have been supplied to you, for example with your new boat. As well as working direct with owners to ensure you have the right sail for your sailing plans, we supply brands such as Bavaria, Hallberg Rassy and Dragonfly.

We produce top quality sails for cruising through to Grand Prix level racing and take the time to understand your sailing requirements.

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Suksess i Marstrand

Årets Big boat race i Marstrand ble som alltid en stor opplevelse for seilerne i de totalt 64 båtene på startlinjen. Topp regattaer i lett til medium vind på lørdag og noe friskere på søndag. 3 Race hver dag hvor det siste for dagen hadde målgang – publikumsvennlig, ved Strandverket inne i Marstrand.

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