Patches - what is the deal?

There are a lot of patches or reinforcements in sails. Your new sail will be equipped and delivered with reinforcements in the corners of the sail and at reef points. These are extra layers of cloth to make the sail strong enough for the attachments to stay in the sail, when under load.

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New greener sail

We are launching a new material for cruising sails, that is a greener alternative. It is not the first time we launch materials that are more eco-friendly. Already a year ago the first recycled components for the EPEX membrane sails were launched. Now we offer a laminate.

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New CEO, Morten Gantriis Sørensen

As of 1 August 2021, Morten Gantriis Sørensen takes up the position as the new CEO of Elvstrøm Sails A/S. Morten has a broad profile with managerial, commercial, and technical experience. Most recently from a job as Regional Director of RGS Nordic A/S.

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