Expansion in Bruinisse

The loft in Bruinisse driven by Maxim Van Pelt has doubled up the capacity with 100 m2 and with machines integrated in the working floor.

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Racing paused, now what!

This season is truly unusual. We´ve talked to one of our good ambassadors to find out how they cope with the situation. David McGough and his team compete in coastal and offshore racing in the UK with the J-109, Just So as well as a few favoured regattas.

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Feels like a life accomplishment

Roland Jarlgaard returned to his home in Denmark on the 20th of March just as the corona outbreak started closing flight traffic. But with 8 months of crossing the Atlantic and sailing the Caribbean’s, having to stay home doesn´t seem to upset Roland. On the contrary, it leaves time for reflection and of course time for planning how to bring back the X4.3 Xplorer !

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