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Elvstrøm Sails UK is heading the UK operation for Elvstrøm Sails A/S in Denmark. Elvstrøm Sails UK is based in Port Hamble, Southampton.
The sail loft is an Elvstrøm Sails SailPoint which runs service and sales for an ever growing network of UK-based agents.
Our highly skilled team will be pleased to help you with any questions you might have regarding your sails, whether you have bought them direct from us, or if they have been supplied to you, for example with your new boat. As well as working direct with owners to ensure you have the right sail for your sailing plans, we supply brands such as Bavaria, Hallberg Rassy and Dragonfly.

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We produce top quality sails for cruising through to Grand Prix level racing and take the time to understand your sailing requirements.

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New sails?
The choice of sails is where every journey starts. Every day, we strive to give you the best advice for your specific requirements and for your specific boat.

Our strong, durable and form stable membrane sails are designed and built inhouse at our Headquarters in Aabenraa, Denmark. Producing the membrane ourselves allow us full control of quality and performance of our products. With a leading-edge and patented technology.

To fit your needs, our sails are all tailor made - ensuring that you get the perfect solution to fit your requirements for racing, crusing or anything in between.
Keeping your sails in shape
Keeping your sails up to date is a clever investment. We offer an annual service check of your sails. This is the best way to prevent damages from developing further.

Our loft in Southampton is specialized in seasonal service and sail maintenance and with our skilled expertise we know what to look out for.

In addition to general repair work and servicing we also offer maintenance work such as sail cleaning, rope cleaning, sail coating, alterations to improve shape and recut.
New base
Hamble is the base today, but Andy Tarboton grew up in South Africa with sailing as a substantial sport, hobby and lifestyle for the entire Tarboton family.

Naturally it evolved quite quickly through dinghys to bigger goals.

- We campaigned for the Olympics, which eventually also brought me to the UK back in 2011.
Campaigning for South Africa in sailing was rather difficult to do locally due to the lack of local competitors
and the sheer cost of going somewhere that has a better competition and access to gear. That made us move to the UK, Andy explains.
Racing experience
The shift was made, and from his new base in England
Andy gained lots of valuable experience which he still uses today.

- Our campaign unfortunately didn’t bring us to Olympic competition, but I still use skills and know-how from racing every day here at the loft in Hamble.

- I like to think that the knowledge from racing is a help every day. It gives me a better understanding of what place the customer is in, and it is great on the initial part of making a strong product for their individual needs. I do still race as well, recently in the Musto Skiff Worlds 2022 in Kiel.


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Andy Tarboton

Andy Tarboton

General Manager

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