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The evolution of furling in-mast sails

Elvstrøm Sails has pioneered the huge development of main sails that perform well with In-Mast furling systems.

From the early days of Furling Mains back in the 90’s we have constantly developed the Furling Main concept. From the EMS Furling Main with long vertical battens to today’s FatFurl Main and XL which is a trendsetting design with an extended sail area and headboard.

Sail area

With our most advanced and latest in-mast sail designs you get the absolute max sail area possible. More sail area equals more power and more fun sailing. The leech is curved and with the FatFurl XL the headboard is wide. The wide roach and headboard require a stable material.

The full vertical battens provide support for the leech, whether the sail is fully deployed or reefed. The full vertical battens have a strong carbon top for ultimate support of the leech. Short intermediate battens further strengthen the leech.

Furling these sails is a smooth operation. Battens can even be integrated in the membrane with our FatFurl designs, which results in a pure homogeneous sail surface.

Advantages of Furling Sails

Over the years furling sails have become increasingly popular. We see more and more short-handed crews and more long-distance sailors.

Furling systems are easy and safe to furl in and reef from the cockpit and underway. Let us zoom in on some of the benefits of furling sails.

The evolution of furling - 1999

Furlingevolution1 (1)

The evolution of furling 2000 -

Furlingevolution2 (1)

Smooth furling and easy reefing

The full battened furling sail will furl smoothly. The battens stretch the sail and thus prevents folds when furling.

With a furling sail reefing is controlled – quick and easy. When you reef or furl in, the vertical full battens work as your new luff and help stretch the sail.

Stable sail

A full battened furling sail is stabilized by the battens, that support the roach and the aft part of the sail.

Check out the various options within in-mast furling in our 3D online configurator.

Being an active sailor I have always been a strong advocate of furling masts. They offer a secure, simple, and comfortable handling. With an optimum and thought-through sail design there are no arguments against a furling mainsail, on the contrary!

Throughout the past three decades Hallberg-Rassy has had a close co-operation with Elvstrøm Sails exactly on the development of furling mainsails, and I am convinced Elvstrøm Sails is a market leader with their proven designs, such as; EMS, EMS MAX, FatFurl and now FatFurl XL.

Whether you want to win the local regattas or to make a circumnavigation, I am sure you will find an Elvstrøm design for your furling mast.

Magnus Rassy, CEO at Hallberg-Rassy Varvs AB, Sweden

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