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It's full-blooded racing. You are out there to conquer the international racetracks with no room for compromises. You need a partner who has answers to any of your Grand Prix questions. ZONDA is the sharpest weapon in your wardrobe. Don't compromise! Grand Prix calls for cutting-edge design.

International regattas and Grand Prix Racing

Choosing your new sail

Choosing a new sail or even an entire sail wardrobe very often comes down to a priority of performance, durability, and price. When talking performance, the essence is the shape stability of the sail, whereas the durability refers to the longevity of the sail.

Performance, durability, and price

Below are some popular sail- and material combinations in our ZONDA segment. Performance, durability, and price indicators are illustrated for each material combination on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest. Use the performance, durability, and price parameters as indicators only, and to compare various material to one another. 

Popular sail combinations in ZONDA

Race main and jib

Film/Film, Technora Black

Code Race upwind 55%

Film/film, Technora black
0-20 KT
45-105 °

Assymetric spinnaker

03Zonda Asy
6-20 KT
140-165 °

Customer Testimonial
Torkjell Valland, Norway
Landmark 43 'White Shadow'

We have followed Elvstrøm Sails for about ten years now, having been at the forefront of the sail development and also testing new solutions along the way. White Shadow is a full blown racer, and to optimize in this end of the field, it takes a keen eye to spot the right ideas and make them work. Our project has followed the development in-house at Elvstrøm Sails in so many ways, and to be fair, we couldn't have made it without cooperating in this way.

Sail features

Unique sail solutions and details are available within our different segments. Here are some that are available in ZONDA as either standard or optional. The features shown are examples and depends on the actual sail type.

Nywebzonda 3 CARBONBOX (1)

Custom solutions

Carbon adjustable luff box – halyard lock prepared luff and titanium rings are available.

Nywebzonda 6 ZIPPERBAG (2)

Race-zipper bag

The Race Zipper is a full length zipper bag for effective storage and launch of headsails.


Carbon battens

Light and strong carbon battens if you wish, for the lightest possible sail with perfect shape.


Clew corner

Covered T-Ring to protect the mast and to ensure a quick sail change and an optimal sail size.

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