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It is time to listen! Listen to nature's message.

Our approach to sustainability

EKKO is our commitment at Elvstrøm Sails to listen and respond with a sustainable approach. This is not just about the products we bring to market and the materials we use. It is the resources we use producing our products, e.g. electricity and heat, it is the indirect materials used for packaging, it is how we sort and reduce waste in general, it's the working environment we create, and the list of initiatives and possibilities goes on. This is a way of living and a mindset. And with our Danish heritage it comes as the only natural response.

You have a choice - the EKKO label

if you want to embark on our journey for a more sustainable future. It is not necessarily always the price conscious choice. But it's a responsible choice! And we depend on each other to make the right choices for a sustainable future. This is a process and a journey, that we have now started. Join our journey and look for the EKKO label.

We depend on each other

We are very much aware that we are just one part of the solution for a more sustainable future. We depend on our partners in the industry to pursue the same agenda. And there is still a long way to go. But rest assured that we are committed to follow that path.

We support Plastic removal and Plastic change

Elvstrøm Sails supports the removal of plastic from oceans and rivers through ReSea Project. The partnership is our commitment to take a proactive role, when you buy our sails containing recycled materials. Read more about ReSea Proejct.

We are partnering with the Danish organization, Plastic Change which works on the global and political scene to break the exponential growth in plastic pollution.

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Electricity from 100 % wind power | Heating from climate friendly wood chips

The pure nature of our leisure and passion is driven by a natural resource, the wind. But with an Elvstrøm sail to power you, you make another choice. Your sail is produced using CO2 neutral energy from wind. The Elvstrøm Sails production loft is totally run on 100 % clean electricity – windpower - created by Danish land wind turbines. We also buy extra wind energy to cover the electricity used by sub-suppliers outside of Denmark. And in addition to that we use climate friendly heating from wood chips to heat our plant in Denmark.


Recycled materials

When it comes to materials used in our products, the EKKO approach is to source and use recycled materials in our products or use materials that can easily be recycled.

We introduced the first recycled materials for sails in 2020, a Worlds first. A taffeta for our EPEX sails made from recycled materials, e.g. recycled plastic bottles. Following we have introduced the eXRP Cruise, that is a high-end laminate, where the main parts of the material are made from recycled polyester, that is the film, the taffeta, and the polyester fibres.

In 2022 we were recognized by the European Yacht of the Year on our sustainability efforts with the eXRP cruise laminate.

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