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A new innovation is born

We are thrilled to offer you our latest sail innovation, XYLO. Innovation starts with what is close at heart. And powering sailors' dreams and passion is our heartbeat.

XYLO is developed with performance and endurance sailing in mind. Whether you are into sailing for miles and miles, day or night, weeks after weeks and simply want the newest design and technology, XYLO is your answer.

Need we say that we of course design and build both conventional as well as in-mast furling sails with our new XYLO material.


The technology

The secret to XYLO lies in our advanced technology, combining our 70 years of sail making and knowhow with the latest material science and design studies.

Transformed into XYLO this becomes your steel solid, high performing sail of the next generation. With XYLO we introduce a spread-filament tape layout. The XYLO distinction derives from exactly the structure of the filament that
is laid out to give you optimum strength in all directions.

The fiber coverage of the sail is optimized to the full leaving you with an extremely strong and stable sail. The flat multi directional filament is laid out in a straight direction supporting the natural force of the sail.

XYLO is a combination of ultra-thin flat spread filament tapes and an outer layer of an ultra-thin taffeta – all black and with black-in-black solutions. The shape of the sail is homogeneous and most importantly keeps the designed shape. To you, that means extra miles on a high-performing level.

ELV XYLO 210X210v2

No compromises

With XYLO, we don't ask you to choose between durability and performance. You get the best of both worlds in this steel solid composite material.

There are no compromises - durability and performance goes hand in hand. XYLO is the new generation of sail cloth, state-of-the-art with a trendsetting look aimed at the sailor that wants the ultimate experience of limitless sailing with no boundaries. And to you, that want the best and newest innovation on the market.

The XYLO innovation is a hybrid of new technology and our unbeaten and proven process from our EPEX patented technology. The vacuum and lamination have an outstanding track-record second to none - the most advanced and accurate of its kind.

A new innovation is born – be the first to set sails with XYLO.

Photos by Photonautic