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The sail layout describes the specific construction of the sail e.g., how the sail cloth material is cut. In general, we offer 3 generic sail layouts ranging from the classic crosscut panel cut to the modern, high-end EPEX membrane.

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Sail layout

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A horisontalt panel layout

A cross-cut sail (x-cut) consists of a number of horizontal panels parallel to each other and perpendicular to the leech. This is a very cost-effective way of producing a sail, making it affordable and long-lasting. Being the first sail-design on the market, the x-cut sail has a long and proven track-record.

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A triangular-shaped panel layout

A radial layout, also referred to as trioptimal, have panels that are radial, typically oriented towards the corners of the sail resulting in a triangular shape. This layout distributes the forces the sail is exposed to optimally and helps keep the shape of the sail. The panels that make up the radial layout are carefully positioned to follow the load pattern, ensuring a strong and stable sail.

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A 100 % custom design

The unique and patented EPEX membrane technology is the flagship of Elvstrøm Sails. A 100 % custom design where every single fiber is placed according to a load path design. This enables the absolute optimal distribution of fibers over the entire sail resulting in an outstanding shape stability and performance. The components are bonded under extreme and constant vacuum that evacuates all air, holds the membrane in place, and compresses the membrane components.