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    It´s your moment of glory! Just jump on your boat with some friends and win the race. You like every detail of sailing, always searching for the optimal solution. Go with MAESTRO, and challenge your worst competitor. Go for it! Make your own luck. We deliver the shape that keeps you flying.

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Maestro Code Zero race upwind 65% - Film/film Technora

The racing Code Zero is the missing link between your up- and downvind sails. It comes in different designs, suited optimally to the rating-/class rules and the rest of your sail inventory. It will be a light weight sail that is set flying, furled on an anti-torsion cable in the luff which makes it quick to set and retrieve. Produced in the stable EPEX membrane, film on film surface and technora fibers, this sail is designed to work optimally in angles between 50° TWA to 110° TWA depending of the wind speed.


The film/film is a lightweight and high performing membrane. The Technora fiber is a high-performance fiber with high tenacity and low elongation, improving the shape.

Elvstrøm Maestro race sail for upwind conditions - made from Technora

Maestro Downwind

Other Downwindsails

If the above product example is not what you are looking for, check out all the other downwind sails in our MAESTRO, Club Racing Segment.

  • Sym spi 1S
  • Sym spi 1.5S
  • Sym spi 2S
  • Sym spi 3S
  • Sym spi 4S
  • Sym spi 5S
  • Asym Spi 1A
  • Asym spi 1.5S
  • Asym spi 2A
  • Asym spi 3A
  • Asym spi 4A
  • Asym spi 5A
  • Sym spi 1S

    Sym spi 1S

    The S1 is your lightest symmetric downwind sail. It is made for moments where the wind is so light that it is hard to make your sail fly. Or it is the sail you use on a light air day when you need to sail high angles and when your full size spinnaker returns too much flow back into your mainsail.

    Use the sail at angles from 80 TWA to 130° TWA in wind speeds from 2 knots TWS to 10 knots TWS.

    Size factor: 70% of S2.

    TWA: 80-130°
    TWS: 2-10 kn
  • Sym spi 1.5S

    Sym spi 1.5S

    The S1.5 is your light air all-round spinnaker. It is made of light spinnaker cloth and will fly easily in the lighter winds. The area is relatively big compared to the S 1 so it is a sail for the more open angles from 100° TWA to 155° TWA in 6 TWS to 15 TWS.

    If you need to, the sail will allow you to sail deeper, but eventually the wind will need to be stronger and the sail is not made and intended for higher wind speeds. It is a light air all round sail that covers a nice big angle.

    Size factor: 90% of S2.

    TWA: 100-155°
    TWS: 6-15 kn
  • Sym spi 2S

    Sym spi 2S

    S 2 is your full size runner for the majority of conditions. This is the largest sail in your downwind inventory. You will be able to use this sail from 115° TWA to 175° TWA in anything from 10 TWS to 22 TWS. So this is the sail that covers the biggest range of conditions. It would be the sail to include in your inventory as the first downwind sail. A truly all-round runner.

    Size factor: 100%

    TWA: 115-175°
    TWS: 10-22 kn
  • Sym spi 3S

    Sym spi 3S

    The S3 is your easy air reaching sail. Here you have a strongly built spinnaker with big size corner reinforcements to take up the loads generated by the high reaching angles in stronger breeze. The sail is intended for angles between 110° TWA to 145° TWA in wind speeds between 15 knots-25 knots TWS.

    To make it perform well at these angles and wind speeds the girths are slightly smaller than on your full size runner. Also the head angle is slightly reduced to make the sail forgiving when you sail at high angles.

    Size factor: 80% of S2.

    TWA: 110-145°
    TWS: 15-25 kn
  • Sym spi 4S

    Sym spi 4S

    S 4 is your heavy weather sail for the deep running angles. The sail is close to maximum size but has a bit more shape at the leeches to make the sail easy to trim and fly when the conditions become challenging with big waves and perhaps gusting wind.

    This spinnaker is built for angles between 130° TWA to 170° TWA in anything above 18 knots TWS.

    Size factor: 95% of S2.

    TWA: 130-170°
    TWS: 18-32 kn
  • Sym spi 5S

    Sym spi 5S

    Please contact your local Elvstrøm Sails dealer for further information on this sail type.

    TWA: 140-175°
    TWS: 25-40 kn
  • Asym Spi 1A

    Asym Spi 1A

    The A1 is a sail for lighter winds and for when you are sailing higher angles. Typically you are forced to heat the boat up and sail angles between 100-135° TWA in wind speeds between 4 and 9 knots.

    You may also be on a leg in an offshore race that gives you these true wind angles. In 4-10 knots of TWS you will benefit from the A1 with its narrow top angle and the reduced mid girth. The sail simply drives the boat forward better at those angles.

    Size factor: 78% of A2.

    TWA: 100-135°
    TWS: 4-10 kn
  • Asym spi 1.5S

    Asym spi 1.5S

    The A1.5 is a light air running sail. You will usually prefer this type of sail as your all-round running sail in winds ranging from 115-150° TWA in 8-15 knots of TWS.

    This sail has a medium head angle and girths that will allow the sail to rotate nicely to windward. The size of the sail will be app. 90% of the max size in the inventory.

    Size factor: 91% of A2

    TWA: 115-150°
    TWS: 8-15 kn
  • Asym spi 2A

    Asym spi 2A

    The A2 is your full size running gennaker. It has max girths and a large head-angle. It is the largest and most powerful sail in your inventory. It is still made of a light material which gives the sail a wide range for its use. TWA from 130- 165° at 10/11 –20 knots TWS.

    The geometry and design of this sail will allow you to sail close to the same angles as you would with a symmetric sail.

    Size factor: 100%

    TWA: 130-165°
    TWS: 10-20 kn
  • Asym spi 3A

    Asym spi 3A

    The A3 is your reaching sail. It is a sail made in stronger material. It is intended for angles between 100-135° TWA when the pressure is up between 10-18 TWS. The size of the sail is greatly reduced from the A2 to allow the sail to be sheeted on for the tight angles without having return in the mainsail.

    One can argue that the A3 would be a possible alternative to the Code 0 in cases, where you do not want to take the hit on the rating using a Code 0.

    Size factor: 85% of A2.

    TWA: 100-135°
    TWS: 10-18 kn
  • Asym spi 4A

    Asym spi 4A

    The A4 is your “full size” heavy weather runner. It is intended for use on the angles you are seeing, when you are sending your boat on a breezy downwind leg.

    You will typically see angles between 140-165° TWA and wind speeds from 17-26 when on this sail.

    Size factor: 96% of A2.

    TWA: 140-165°
    TWS: 10-18 kn
  • Asym spi 5A

    Asym spi 5A

    The A5 is your fractional sail. It is for use in gale force winds. It will give you more freedom in steering your boat in steep waves and it will keep the bow nicely out of the water because of the fractional halyard position.

    Your heaviest and smallest gennaker in your inventory. Because of the reduced size you can get to higher angles with this sail than with the full size sail. You will be able to use it from 125-160° TWA at 15-30 TWS.

    Size factor: 70 % of A2

    TWA: 125-160°
    TWS: 15-30 kn


Ever tried designing your own spinnaker or gennaker? Well, here's your chance!

Simply select boat size, sail purpose and sail type and you are all set to colour your own symmetric or assymetric downwind sail! Once you are done and happy with the result save it by sending the layout by e-mail or request a quote. The number of panels varies according to the size of your sail and the colours in your computer layout may may differ slightly from the "real life" spinnaker colours.


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