ORC Worlds 2016 Race Report: Team Santa are World Champions

Claus Landmark and his crew Calle Andersen, Geir Begby, Erik Brunborg, Henrik Dahl, Catharina Froste, Petter Hagelund, Morten Henriksen, Christoffer Jakobsen, Cecillia Jansson, Lars Landmark, and Stian Tonnesen delivered an outstanding and very stable performance, day after day. A well-deserved victory for Team Santa.

Morten Henriksen, who was tactician expressed it this way; “It is not very often that you go through en entire regatta without one single crew mistake. But we did and that made a difference.”

"We are of course thrilled - not only with the results but with the regatta overall," said Landmark. "Sailing is a complicated sport comprised of many components but we won today because of our tactics and good boat handling. And we are very happy with the well performing EPEX sails from Elvstrøm Sails."

131 boats and close to 1350 participants

made their way to 6 days of racing at the ORC Worlds in Copenhagen. More Elvstrøm Sails powered boats took part and did great! Qualified for the Goldfleet in Class B: White Shadow - Landmark 43, Joki - Sly 43, Sydbank - X41, Magic - King 40, Sporthotel - Dehler 38C and in Class C: Ventoux - X37. 

The winner of the off-shore race was Sporthotel, Dehler 38C skippered by Karl Dehler. He reported this back to us after the victory;“The Elvstrøm Code, C1 proved its value as the winning sail for the victory in the offshore race”.

Congrats to all of you!

Check out the final results here.

Elvstrøm Sails on-site

“We were present in the harbor during the entire event, being able to do repairs overnight. And I think we did repair approximately 15 sails – not just Elvstrøm sails,” Per Weiskvist explains. I am quite sure our presence there was worthwhile. And of course we are thrilled that it was an Elvstrøm powered boat that is now the new World Champion in class B and the other great performances by other Elvstrøm Sails powered boats.

The Elvstrøm presence was not only about sails! But also about having a great time. “This is also what sailing is about, and thus we were officials sponsors at the ORC Worlds in Copenhagen hoisting an after race beer every day, to every participant during the race. That too, seemed to be quite a success,” Per explains with a big smile.


Check out some of the great moments from the ORC Worlds video.